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The importance of a Sump Pump System

When thinking about the most important appliances in your home, a basement sump pump may not come to mind immediately, but a functioning sump pump with a backup system can mean the difference between a basement that is dry, and one that is destroyed by flooding and water damage. Water in your basement means costly and lengthy repairs.

A sump pump consists of two parts: a float switch and a mechanical pump. When water leaks into the basement after a heavy storm, the water level rises and will eventually lift the float switch high enough that it activates the sump pump. The water is then pumped out of the basement through a discharge pipe. If that sump pump has stopped working properly, can’t handle the volume of water coming in, or there is a power outage, your basement can become severely flooded. That is why the sump pump is often referred to as the heart of any good waterproofing system.

To ensure that your pump is always in peak operating condition, annual maintenance is important. The average lifespan of a sump pump is around 10 years. Regular service and sump pump checks will ensure that your system will last and that your basement remains protected from heavy storms and flooding. At SouthernDry, we are proud to offer free sump pump inspections to homeowners in Birmingham, Pell City, Hoover, Bessemer, Anniston, Jacksonville, Cullman, Gadsden, Albertville, Jasper, Talladega, Tuscaloosa, Oxford, Montgomery, and the surrounding areas. A proper inspection will help our expert sump pump installers to determine whether your system needs repairs, an upgrade to a battery backup, or a complete sump pump replacement.

If you're concerned that your sump pump is not working the way it should, is well over 10 years old, or is always running, contact us today to schedule a free estimate.

Sump Pump Systems

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Pleased with the Results!!

SouthernDry was so professional and so helpful. They waterproofed our basement, which is over 700 sqft in ONE day! I am so pleased with the results!

Jenna L Albertville 35951 Basement Waterproofing

Outstanding customer service!!

Outstanding customer service, professionalism, product line, pricing. Wish I had known this company 2 years ago when my other house needed waterproofing.

Norden L. Birmingham, Alabama 35005