Crawl Space Encapsulation – Birmingham, AL 35005

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Crawl Space Encapsulation in Birmingham, AL 35005

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Tonja B.


A homeowner, in Birmingham Alabama, called SouthernDry because of high humidity in her crawlspace. She was concerned about escalating costs of heating and cooling her home. She was also concerned about the long term effects that humidity and moisture can have on a crawl space (ie. damage to joists and subfloors, mold etc.) She was getting other quotes from crawl space companies near her and liked the SouthernDry website. Doing business with a local company was also important to her.


After a thorough inspection by the SouthernDry project planner, it was determined that the best solution for the customer was total crawl space encapsulation using the WhiteCap System. First our installers removed the existing damp fiberglass insulation and debris from the crawl space. Next we installed 20 mil WhiteCap reinforced poly vapor barrier on the walls and floor to seal the crawl space from the outside elements. Our final steps were installing a professional sealed crawl space door and a high capacity dehumidifier to clean the air and manage humidity. The crawl space was completely transformed into a healthy new area that can be used for storage and improves the health of the entire home. SouthernDry communicated with the customer throughout the entire process to make sure every detail was understood and the project was completed to satisfaction.

Quotes from the homeowner:

Southern Dry did a great job encapsulating my crawl space. I would definitely use them again!!
Tonja B.
Birmingham, Alabama 35005